What Is Truck Queuing?


Author: Richelle
Published: 14 Dec 2021

SSA Marine Truck Congestion

SSA Marine has experienced increased truck congestion in Seattle. The congestion is caused by the overlap of new ocean carrier services arriving to the terminal and old ones being discontinued and their cargo being cleared out. Drayage drivers are parking on the street before the gate opens.

Improving the Operational Effectiveness of Trucking Companies

Many people think that trucking companies can't improve their operational effectiveness because of the large number of trucks and drivers in the US. Which means that there is a high level of competition. The trucking industry is very competitive.

The American Trucking Association stated that the trucking industry is the most important part of the US economy. One more great choice that trucking companies can make is to hire a local accountant or get an accounting fleet software. It is important to keep a regular budget for the expenses of a trucking company.

Each owner should have meetings with their truck drivers. Truck drivers should be compensated for their time and meetings that they devote to attending safety programs. The benefits of improved trucking operational effectiveness will be enjoyed by trucking companies that are investing in safety technology, and not by companies that are focused on something else.

Analysis of coal mining semicontinuous process system using fuzzy programming

A large-scale hard coal open-pit mine has a process system consisting of a single bucket excavator, truck, crushing station, and belt conveyor. The key issues of coal mining truck flow maximization are obtained through analyzing the coal mining production process. The key time parameters of coal mining truck flow are analyzed using a statistical method.

The fuzzy expectation of the coal mining semicontinuous process system is established with the constraints of the truck flow continuity at the loading and unloading point, the production capacity of the electric shovel, and the production capacity of the electric shovel. The truck flow planning model is solved using a swarm intelligence algorithm. The main production operations are mining, loading, transportation, and crushing.

The equipment of each production operation must be compatible and efficient. The equipment specifications must be adapted to the production capacity of the mine, but it must be coordinated between each operation to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the entire system. The schematic diagram of the coal mining semicontinuous process system is shown in Figure 3.

The capacity matching needs to be done between the excavator and truck. The key issues in the coal mining process are the queue time of the truck, the loading time of the excavator, and the coal quality information. The production capacity of the truck should be slightly larger than the production capacity of the single-bucket excavator in order to give full play to the electric shovel.

The number of trucks can't be clearly specified in production. The scheme is to dispatch all available trucks. The truck is the main transportation in open-pit mines.

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