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Author: Artie
Published: 12 Dec 2021

The X-ray Traffic Lights and Driver'S Guide

You are solely responsible for driving and observing traffic laws. Do not use a device while driving. TruckX does not have to be responsible for damage that comes from unsafe driving.

The Best ELD Experience

Good news! The Best ELD Experience will be created by merging Akal ELD and TruckX. 50,000+ Drivers use TruckX as their ELD provider. You are close to the upgraded TruckX system.

TruckX: An ELD Tablet for Autonomy

The TruckX ELD Tablet is a ELD device that is complete with display, dashboard mount, and ELD. The ELD plugs into the diagnostics port and uses a wired connection to communicate with the ruggedized tablets. The ELD tablets costs $450 upfront.

You will not need anything else for ELD compliance. TruckX automatically collects miles driven per jurisdiction, which can be exported for IFTA fuel tax reports. The app allows drivers to submit fuel receipts.

Dispatch still has to finalize IFTA reports on their own. Pre and post trips are when drivers are asked to fill out Vehicle Inspection Reports. Dispatch can flag items and request a mechanic for violations when they are in the cloud.

TruckX is working on a new feature that integrates diagnostics data from the vehicle. Arnold is a trucking veteran and founder of ELDfocus. Arnold has been in the trucking industry for 25 years.

Truckx ELD: An Efficient Device for Fleet Management

The device is certified, so there is no tension of law violations. You can use a wired device or use a wireless one. The unit is easy to install and operate.

New drivers can learn to operate the hardware and software in a few minutes. Plug the ELD into the port and download the app to use it. You need a device for the app.

The device can be connected through either a wired or wireless device. Hardware and software can help you manage the fleet. The guide will help you see the parts.

Simply use the plug and play process. Before going for a serious log, try to explore the app first. The drivers can control their cars.

Everything is flawless because you will get live gps. The detail of each rote will be shown in the gps device. The managers can see the history of the drivers.

TruckX Fleet Management Software Reviews

Even when the signal is spotty, the logbook app can still be used even if you are not in a city. HOS notifications can be received even while offline. It is important to note that not all Fleet Management Software solutions are perfect for all businesses, and that they are not the only ones.

It is a good idea to read TruckX Fleet Management Software reviews first as specific services may dominate only in a very narrow set of applications or be created with a very specific industry in mind. Others might work with an intention of being easy and intuitive, which means they lack complex functions needed by more experienced users. There are apps that support a large group of customers and give you a rich feature base, but they are more expensive than other solutions.

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